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Light Village: A Natural Community

Light Village is a single-family housing community that has been designed from a clean sheet of paper to be completely energy independent and free from fossil-fuel based infrastructures.

The homes and modes of transportation derive their power from safe, reliable, and long-lasting electrons stored in lithium-ion battery technology. Each home will have the capability to provide its own power for appliances, lights, pumps, and also propulsion power for farming and transportation vehicles. In addition, clean water filtering, natural waste, and gardening systems provide sustainability for family living.

Electron Harvesting

Electrons provide a light, efficient, and sustainable form of energy. Electrons can be harvested from sunlight, wind, water streams, and even waste conversion. In Light Village, electrons are stored in highly efficient lithium-ion batteries and conveniently used to power external devices (i.e., “apps”). Individual citizens can perform this clean energy exchange on a daily basis by moving battery modules weighing less than 30 lbs (14 kg).

No Grid Required

For over 100 years energy supply and demand have required large, expensive, and limited fossil-fuel infrastructures. Light Village revolutionizes this obsolete energy paradigm with natural or nature-based systems. The amount of sunlight that hits the Earth’s surface in one hour provides enough energy to power the entire world for a year. Harnessing sunlight, wind, water power and storing it for living and transport devices increases efficiency by greater than 300% over combustion technologies with no harmful emissions. This is sustainability that matters.


Passionate Whole-System Design

The Light Village concept has been created and designed by leading architects, built environment specialists, and transportation and energy storage experts. The principals are committed to economic, environmental, and social sustainability.