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What is true sustainability?

We like to define “sustainability” as the “capacity to endure.” In other words, to design things in such a way that they remain viable over a long period of time. We believe that truly sustainable solutions are not simply good for the environment (although they certainly are) but good for our quality of life and our bank accounts.

True Sustainability . . .

. . . Secures Our Natural Resources

As our non-renewable resources—coal, oil, wood, natural gas—rapidly wane in abundance, renewable energy sources—solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal—are taking center stage as we better learn to harness their potential. Waters & Associates is conserving the future of our diminishing non-renewables, and creatively harnessing renewables through proven lithium battery technology. Our Light Village model, for example, takes advantage of wind, water, biomass, and geothermal energy sources.

Learn more about the Light Village.

. . . Improves Our Quality of Life

We believe there should be nothing austere or elitist about a sustainable lifestyle. Rather, sustainable solutions are fun, effective, and affordable.  Electric torque provides a faster, quieter, and cheaper way to get around. Energy efficiency reduces costs, emissions, and repair trips. Plug-in electric vehicle technology not only gives us better transportation but can eventually provide back-up power for our homes.

. . . Reaps Economic Returns

The United States Postal Service loses $8,000,000 a year when the price of gasoline rises 1 cent (per gallon). Commercial fleet expenses also increase as fuel increases – and these costs are passed on to consumers. This is simply not sustainable for Americans who have watched their fuel expenses rise 100 percent since 2006. A far better solution includes purpose-built electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles which can operate at one-tenth of the cost of their regular gas-fueled counterparts.