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Electric Cars Set for First Grand Prix

Electric cars have rounded a corner in their drive to enter the mainstream. Soon, you’re going to be able to watch them race at high speeds. The world’s first fully electric Grand Prix racing series, the FIA Formula E Championship, launches this year. It will pit single-seat electric-powered racers against...

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The Growing Appeal Of Electric Cars

From The inventor of the battery device used in General Motor’s first electric vehicle says the new allure of electric cars is speed and performance, not just fuel efficiency. John E. Waters said at the 246th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) that recent advances in the...

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Bright Automotive Dies, But Ideas Remain Intact

The regrettable demise of RMI spinoff Bright Automotive is an old business story—the struggles of start-ups in tough economic times—far more than it represents a failure of Bright’s innovative business model or technology. Bright drew interest from companies ranging from Google to General Motors, weathered the market crash of 2008,...

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Indy’s First Sports Strategy

Super Bowl 2012 has been called the crown jewel in Indianapolis sports strategy. Indeed, a direct line can be drawn from the Pan Am games in the 1970s and construction of the Hoosier Dome in the early 1980s to the city playing host to the world’s biggest sporting event. Scholars,...

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Battery Advances Promise New and Expanded Applications

Numerous consumer and business end uses are constrained by the performance and cost characteristics of existing battery technologies. Who would not appreciate a laptop or cell phone that could operate longer on a charge, or a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) that could go further in its electrical mode and last...

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Thoughts on GM Volt’s Recent ‘Rapid Thermal Expansion’ Incident

eneral Motors is on its way to becoming the premier automaker in all technology related to electric vehicle safety and reliability. The recent reporting and follow-up investigation of a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) event involving a Chevy Volt (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) is the ideal catalyst for driving EV technology...

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